Control your expenses easily

Wallet Anatomy is a set of applications and tools for monitoring your income and expenses, planning and collecting statistics.

Using the application, you can save any of your income and expenses, see statistics at any time, check where you spent money a year ago, or how much you earned over the past year.

With a simple and straightforward approach, you can save yourself the hassle of using notebooks and spreadsheets. All information about your cash flows is stored in one place and always at hand on your phone, tablet or computer.

Wallet Anatomy - easy way to control your money cash flows

Choose what works for you. The service has extensive functionality that you get absolutely free.

Access from multiple devices

Simple control your cash flow using Iphone, Android, Ipad or Web. Log in under one account on different devices and control your costs as you like


Keep track of your cash flows in different currencies: EUR, USD, UAH, RUB, etc. Automatic conversion between the currencies of your wallets

Easy customization

Create your own categories with custom icons and names. Configure the statistics period that suits you, language or the currency of the statistics.


Using our service, you can save any of your income and expenses, see statistics at any time, check where you spent money a year ago, or how much you earned over the past year.

No bank connections

Service does not contact banks, does not collect any information from them. All data inside the application is just your spreadsheet of income and expenses in a convenient and intuitive interface.


We use encryption algorithms to transmit your data over the network. Every time you enter from another device, you must confirm this with a code sent to your email

Choose Simple Pricing

You can use the application absolutely free, but we provide a Premium version with additional features.

Basic Not verified user

Absolutely Free

  • 100 Transactions per month
  • 50 Expenses
  • 10 Wallets
  • 5 Sessions

Regular Verified user

Absolutely Free

  • 300 Transactions per month
  • 150 Expenses
  • 30 Wallets
  • 15 Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers. For more
information please contact us.


Can I use the app for free?

Sure, you can use the application for free if the basic functionality is enough for you. There are no ads in the free version of the app. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


Can I get a premium account for free?

Yes, for some users, for activity, barter or for other reasons, we can provide a Premium subscription absolutely free. If you want to cooperate with us and get a free subscription, please contact us by email.


What if I have suggestions and questions?

Write to us in the support form or email, we will try to answer your question or suggestion as soon as possible.


Can I user app without internet connection?

No, at the moment you cannot use the application without a permanent internet connection. Please note that if you use a cellular connection, you will be charged at the rates of your operator.


Сan I use the app on different devices?

Yes, you can connect to your account on different devices. Please note that if you do not have a Premium subscription, the number of sessions is limited.


What should I do if I have lost access to my account?

You can use the password recovery form, but if you fail, you need to contact support using the form or send an email. We may ask you for information to verify your account.

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